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Is it dangerous to leave the power adapter on the plug after charging?


Mobile phones, laptops, LCD TVs and other electronic products, people have become more and more inseparable from        these products, especially mobile phones and laptops, then the problem that comes with it is charging, when your mobile     phone, laptop After charging with the charger and power adapter, will you unplug it in time? Is it harmful to not pull it off?

According to market research, more than 60% of people said that because of the increasing use of mobile phones and computers, the problem of charging must be recharged at least once or twice a day, so for the sake of convenience, generally   not Remove the charger or power adapter, they have habitually left these products directly on the board for easy use at any time. So when the charger is on the plug-in line, will it be harmful? According to this, some people in the industry said that in fact, when power adapters, chargers and other products are on standby, they are working, but the current is relatively small.

Insiders said that when using chargers and other products, be sure to plug the charger in a place where ventilation is easy to dissipate heat. It is best not to use the charging all the time, grasp the charging time, and do not plug the charger and other products into the socket. When people are away from home, take out charging and other equipment as much as possible, and turn off the power to avoid causing a fire. In addition, when the power adapter and other products are in standby,      standby power consumption will occur. The charger will still consume power. The maximum power consumption of the mobile phone charger is 308 milliwatts. From the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, we should also do    take. Finally, the frequent use of power adapters, chargers and other equipment will generate radiation, which will affect      human health