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The power adapter fever will be a loss? How to solve the problem of heat?


Power adapter fever problem, this is inevitable, general power adapter is used long after will fever, especially in the summer, feel hot all quick exploded. So the question becomes, whether the adapter fever for its losses, can damage?

Will there be dangerous? In fact, as long as the adapter's temperature is within the scope of design, generally is no danger. So first we need to understand that the power adapter why fever? The adapter on market, general conversion efficiency can reach 75% - 85%, and the power supply when making transfer pressure, part of the energy loss, and the depletion of the part is usually in the form of heat release. The greater the power adapter power, the more loss, radiate heat. That is why we usually use small power adapter is not very large quantity of heat, and a lot of power adapter is very hot.

In life we should be how to control and reduce the adapter as the heat? 1. Put the adapter is not affected by the location of the sun and wind, try not to use for a long time. 2. The cooling device can be put by the adapter, such as fan and so on. 3. You can put the adapter side, reduce the contact area with the ground, it is also can effectively control the adapter fever. 4. But plastic block under your adapter or other items make its overhead, it can accelerate the cooling of the adapter. 5. Often use dry cloth or paper towel scrub adapter, prevent the dust into the adapter, such as reducing performance of radiator adapter