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HP 18.5V 4.9A 90W Bullet Laptop Charger
  • HP 18.5V 4.9A 90W Bullet Laptop Charger

HP 18.5V 4.9A 90W Bullet Laptop Charger


Product Description

Product Description


Universal notebook adapter DC Power Charger  for HP Laptop adapter 18.5v 4.9a 90w bullet 
1. Grade A, real power 
2. Factory price 
3. CE, Rohs, FCC 
Product Description
Universal notebook adapter DC Power Charger  for HP Laptop adapter 18.5v 4.9a 90w bullet 
Input AC100-240V, 47-63HZ
Output 18.5V 4.9A
DC tips 4.8*1.7MM bullet
Outlet 3 prong
AC cable(optional)

EU/US/AU/UK/Italy/India etc power cords for your selection

Adapter material

1. Housing: PC+fireproof raw material, brand new

2. Electronic componnets: brand new

3. Good quality ac cable and dc cale (pure copper)

4. Label: fireproofing

Safety protection OCP/OVP/SCP/OTP/LVP
Certificate CE, RoHS, FCC


Compatible laptop models:

HP Compaq Tablet PC: tc1000, tc1100, tc4200
HP Compaq Business Notebook: nc4000, nc4010, nc6000, nc8000, nx5000, nx6100, nx7000, nw8000
HP Pavilion: DV1000, DV1300, DV1400, DV1500, DV1600, DV2000, DV6000, DV8000, DV9000, ZT3000, ZT3010, ZE2000, ZE4900, XB3000
Compaq Presario: X1200, X1300, M2000, V2000, V2100, V2200, V2300, V2400, V2500, V2600, V3000, V4000, V5000, V6000
Compaq Presario: 900, 900US, 900Z, 901, 902, 903, 904, 904RSH, 905, 905CA, 905US, 906, 906US, 907, 908, 909, 910, 910US, 911, 912, 912RSH, 913, 914, 915, 915CA, 915US, 916, 916US, 917, 918, 918RSH, 919, 920, 920CA, 920US, 921, 922, 923, 924, 925, 927, 930, 935, 940, 945, 950, 955
Compaq Presario: 1500 1500, 1500T, 1500US, 1501, 1501CL, 1502, 1503, 1504, 1505, 1505US, 1506, 1507, 1508, 1509, 1509, 1510, 1510CA, 1510US, 1511, 1512, 1513, 1514, 1515, 1516, 1520, 1520CA, 1520US, 1522, 1524, 1525, 1525CA, 1525US, 1527, 1528, 1530, 1531, 1532, 1535, 1536, 1538, 1540, 1545, 1550, 1555, 1565, 1568, 1570, 1572, 1575, 1580
Compaq Presario: 2800 2800, 2800CA, 2800T, 2800US, 2801, 2801CL, 2805, 2805US, 2806, 2806CL, 2810, 2810CA, 2810EA, 2811, 2811CA, 2811CL, 2811EA, 2815, 2815EA, 2816, 2816EA, 2878, 2878CL, 2879, 2879CL, 2880, 2880CL, 2881, 2881CL, X1000, X1015, X1015US, X1030, X1030US, X1040, X1040US, X1058CL
Compaq Peresario: C300 series, C300 CTO, C300EA, C300EU, C301, C301NR, C301TU, C302, C302NR, C302TU, C303, C303NR, C303TU, C304, C304NR, C304TU, C305, C305LA, C305TU, C306, C306TU, C306US, C307, C307NR, C307TU, C308, C308LA, C308TU, C309, C309TU, C310, C310EA, C310EU, C310TU, C311, C311TU, C312TU, C313, C313TU, C315, C315LA, C318, C318LA, C350, C350EA, C350EU, C351, C351EA, C352, C352EA, C353, C353EA, C399, C399XX
Compaq Presario V6100 Series :V6100, V6101, V6101AU, V6101EA, V6101TU, V6101US, V6102, V6102AU, V6102EA, V6102TU, V6102US, V6103, V6103AU, V6103EA, V6103TU, V6104, V6104AU, V6104TU, V6105, V6105AU, V6105EA, V6105NR, V6105TU, V6106, V6106AU, V6106TU, V6107, V6107AU, V6107TU, V6107US, V6108, V6108AU, V6108EA, V6108TU, V6109, V6109AU, V6109EA, V6109EU, V6109TU, V6110, V6110AU, V6110CA, V6110EA, V6110TU, V6110US, V6111, V6111AU, V6111EA, V6111TU, V6112, V6112EU, V6112TU, V6113, V6113EA, V6113TU, V6114, V6114TU, V6115, V6115EA, V6115EU, V6115TU, V6116, V6116TU, V6117, V6117EU, V6117TU, V6118, V6118TU, V6119, V6119TU, V6120, V6120CA, V6120TU, V6120US, V6121, V6121TU, V6122, V6122TU, V6123, V6123TU, V6124, V6124TU, V6125, V6125TU, V6126, V6126EU, V6126TU, V6127, V6127TU, V6128, V6128EU, V6128TU, V6129, V6129EA, V6129TU, V6130, V6130TU, V6130US, V6131, V6131EU, V6131TU, V6132, V6132TU, V6133, V6133CA, V6133CL, V6133EU, V6133TU, V6134, V6134TU, V6135, V6135TU, V6136, V6136TU, V6137, V6137EA, V6137TU V6137US, V6138, 6138EA, V6138TU, V6139, V6139EA, V6139TU, V6140, V6140TU, V6141, V6141TU, V6142, V6142TU, V6143, V6143CL, V6143TU, V6144, V6144TU, V6145, V6145EA, V6145TU, V6146, V6146TU, V6147, V6147EA, V6147TU, V6148, V6148EA, V6148TU, V6149, V6149EA, V6150, V6150EA, V6151, V6151EA, V6155, V6155EA, V6171, V6171CL, V6180, V6180EA, V6181, V6181EA, V6182, V6182EA, V6198, V6198XX
Compaq Presario V6200 Series :V6200, V6201, V6201TU, V6202, V6202TU, V6299, V6299XX
Compaq Evo: N110, N150, N200, N400c, N410c, N600c, N610c, N610v, N620c, N800, N800c, N800v, N800w, N1000, N1000c, N1000v, N1015, N1015v, N1020, N1020v, N1050, N1050v
Compaq Prosignia: 170, 190
Compaq Armada: 110, E500, E500S, E700, M300, M700, V300



Quality Guarantee=5 times test + 7S every day

100% more than 2 Hour Burn-In Test

100% 4 times electrical performance test

100% dropping test from 6 surface

100% Solder ball vibration test

100% Hi-Pot Tes

Q1: Can I get free sample? 
A1: Generally we don't provide free sample, but we can return sample cost when the buyer plant a bulk order. 
Q2: How should I pay? 
A2: You can pay via T/T, Western Union, Money gram etc., For large quantities, 30% T/T in advance as soon as order confirmed and the balance before shipping via T/T. If you prefer other payment terms, please contact us freely. 
Q3: What is your package looks like? Can I have the customized package? 
A3: We have factory's current standard package, customized print logo shall be complied to buyer's requirements, and the extra charges will be borne by the buyers, for more details, please contact us. 
Q4: What is delivery time if we place an order? 
A4: It depends order quantities. Usually, we can deliver goods within 3 -5 working days for small orders, for more QTY. Order, let's confirm when you place offical order. 
5: Are your factory or trading company? 
A5: We are proffesiona manufacturer. We provide all kinds of OEM/ODM services for clients around global. 
Q6: Where are your company's major markets? 
A6: Our company focus on high quality, targetting on North Amercia, Europe, Korea and Japan markets. 

Our Services
1. Excellent QC team, test one by one before shipping
2. Best price for both product and the freight charge. 
3. Packed strictly, ensure the safety in transporting. 
4. Excellent after-sale service, 13 months warranty. 

Factory direct sales, quality guarantee, can customized logo, design, color. Size
Adopt international advanced technology, high product purity. 
With world-class testing equipment, to assured that quality is best. 
CE FCC RoHS certificated