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    Laptop/Notebook Adapters
       For Acer
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       For Sony
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       For Hp
       For Asus
       For Samsung
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       Switching Power supply
       POE Adapter
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       Medical Adapter
       Game Player Adapter
       Led Adapter
       CCTV Adapter
       Timer Adapter
    New Arrivals
       Magsafe1 Macbook Charger
       Magsafe 2 Macbook Charger
       New Macbook Charger 29w61w87w
       45w Inteligent Home Charger
        2USB Wall Charger
        QC 3.0 3USB Wall Charger
        QC 3.0 4USB Wall Charger

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Grandly Dragon Tech Limited has a professional quality control team, all products have to undergo a rigorous inspection, testing, resolutely eliminate substandard products factory.
We perform strict QC measures according to ISO 9001 standards.
The QC system includes QC, IQC, IPQC, QE and QA. The QC staff are experienced, equipped with advanced machinery.
Besides, the R&D department will provide technical support throughout the entire production process. 
The purchase of raw materials-tested by IQC-(unqualified) returned to purchasing-(qualified) into the material library-test the materials by IPQC-inspection-assembly and test (unqualified) repair-(qualified) QC, (unqualified) repair-(qualified) packaging into finished products warehouse 


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